​"Your survey questionnaire for my winter sports programs helped me get a sense of where our programs are in the eyes of our athletes.  Rightly or wrongly, if perception is 90% of what we are in this business, we had better know how we are perceived by the rank and file.  By utilizing  your survey, which was developed in conjunction with your dedicated staff, we were able to gauge the true essense of our athletic program.  Such documentation will be used in board of education presentations to assure them that their continued commitment to athletics and activities is a valuable investment in the "hidden curriculum" of our athletic programs."

Neil Rosa
Director of Athletics
​Moorestown High School, NJ

Athletic Surveys

by LifeTrack Services, Inc. 

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"My experiences using LifeTrack Services for determining our students' perceptions in regards to their athletic and school activities have been very positive.  I have found the company extremely flexible in creating and adjusting the content of the survey to meet our needs.  Because the surveys were given throughout various seasons, the number of surveys needed change and issues developed that caused us to revise our questions.  You were helpful in making the changes and sending the materials to us quickly.  In addition, the reports were sent to us in a very timely fashion.  The data has helped make decisions and has provided information regarding advisors, coaches, and school programs for our community and board members."
Kim Hamilton                                                              Curriculum Director                                                    Muncy School District, PA

"LifeTrack has been a great tool for identifying the strengths and model programs within our athletic programs.  This is a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate successful coaches and sports."

Dr. Chris Hampton, Principal 
Dobyns-Bennett High School, TN

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"I have done athletic surveys for all levels of my student athletes the last three years.  I gain valuable feedback, both positive and negative, to share with my coaches.  I am certain, the feedback i receive has made my coaches more effective and successful in the future years."

Bre​tt O'Connor, Ed. D, Principal
​Claremont High School, CA

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“We began using Life Track Services this past fall.  Getting the feedback from our student-athletes as well as parents has been invaluable for the overall improvement of our programs.  So much can go into evaluations and we felt the information accumulated through the surveys would be a tremendous tool to help support our coaches and their programs. 
Working with the staff of Life Track Services has been very simple for us.  They seem to be on top of our needs and go out of their way to make sure the product is what we want.  We were able to make survey selections that fit our specific needs and matched the mission of our school and athletic department.
We look forward to continuing this working relationship to make our programs as good as they possibly can be.”

Tom Wilson,

Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Dowling Catholic High School, IA

Comprehensive, user-friendly reports showing overall responses as well as by sport and team level get you the data you need to make your school and your athletic programs the best they can be.  

"LifeTrack services has provided quality, honest feedback for our head coaches at the end of their respective seasons.  We use this feedback to help them grow in the specific areas in which they need the most guidance.  It is helpful for coaches to know their weaknesses and receive mentoring on how to improve on those weaknesses.  If we don’t ever show them areas to grow, they become stagnant and never improve.  Thanks to the clear, precise reports provided by LifeTrack Services, this process becomes painless for an Athletic Director."
Valerie Little
Director of Athletics
Prosper Independent School District
​Prosper, TX


We process thousands of Athletic Surveys every year for schools in over 35 states!  

Athletic Surveys or sports surveys help your athletes and coaches be the best they can be.  Identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate facilities and highlight the importance of athletic programs with valuable feedback from your athletes.  

Athletic Surveys are Beneficial

Athletic Surveys, athletic surveys, sports surveys

13 minutes.

"While new to the LifeTrack athletic survey program, we have been able to use student feedback to gain insight to some root causes for struggle with a couple of our programs."

Dr. Chris Hampton, Principal
Dobyne-Bennett High School, TN

​"LifeTrack Services surveys have been very instrumental in providing excellent feedback for our Athletic Programs.  The questions asked of our athletes provided us opportunities to work with our coaches to identify areas of future focus within each program.  In addition, we were able to address some facility concerns that were raised that may have otherwise flown under the radar.  
The best part of the process was the simplicity.  For our Athlete Satisfaction survey we took no more than 10 minutes at the beginning of a practice toward the end of the season for every team.  Once we had all of the surveys completed, they were sent to LifeTrack, who turned around with a nicely presented statistical breakdown of all the data from each question.  The coaches loved the idea of getting great feedback without losing valuable practice time.  While these surveys were not used in an evaluative mode, they did provide some discussion points during the evaluation meetings.  I whole-heartedly appreciate the work that Larry and his staff has done to provide such vital information for our high school to improve what we do and how we do it." 

Jason Buckley
​Athletic Director
​West Aurora High School

    ​our athletic survey customers say it all.

LifeTrack makes the survey process quick, affordable and professional.  We get you the best and most accurate reports so you can spend your time with your athletes and schools.  

"The Texas High School Athletic Directors association has used Athletic Surveys from LifeTrack Services to conduct research on significant information that can be used to benefit athletic administrators and the job they do.  LifeTrack Services was able to canvas, collect and process information that the THSADA could not do on their own and LifeTrack Services did it expediently and efficiently.  The THSADA strongly endorses LifeTrack Services as their performance in assisting the THSADA was outstanding and made the process smooth and detailed."
Rusty Dowling
Executive Director
Texas High School Athletic Directors Assn 

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Our customized athletic surveys, get you the athlete feedback you need without adding to your workload.  LifeTrack creates the sports survey with your help, then scores, compiles and reports your data, while you spend time analyzing results.