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Student AthletE Surveys

LifeTrack's 4-step Process for Athletic Surveys


With LifeTrack, you can join the 95% of customers administering their surveys online or  if paper works better for you, choose paper surveys.  Whether you choose to have your students take your surveys online or via paper, your results are tabulated and your compilation reports returned promptly!  

  • Athletic Surveys help everyone BE BETTER!  
  • Gain insight into programs or areas within programs that need improvement. 
  • Recognize staff achievement.
  • Assist your efforts to renovate facilities, purchase new uniforms and equipment.
  • Identify both the strengths and weakness in your athletic programs.  
  • Know decisions are made with feedback from an entire program, not special interests. 
  • ​​Demonstrate the importance of athletics to your administration and to your community.

 Why Survey athletes?

The heart of your survey contains 20 customized questions that you select addressing your needs or concerns.  We offer a bank of questions to select from as a guide.  Re-word them to better address your needs, or create your own athletic survey questions to focus on your unique interests.  LifeTrack builds a survey proof for you to review and offers suggestions to enhance your survey.  A test link is created for you to complete and familiarize yourself with exactly what athletes will experience.  Edits will be made until you are 100% satisfied and approve the survey.  Once approved, test data is cleared from the online data file or the paper surveys are printed and shipped.   



Save valuable time and spend it managing your athletic programs when you choose to partner with Athletic Surveys by LifeTrack.  Formulating questions, tabulating results, and creating user-friendly reports consumes your time.  Let LifeTrack process the data so you can spend your time analyzing results!  Choose from our bank of questions as written, modify questions to meet your needs, or create your own questions that focus on your needs.  Then, review the season as a whole, by sport, or by team level within a each sport!  


If you chose to administer paper surveys, typically the athletic director administers the survey with athletes.  Often schools administer their survey during the last week or two of the regular season.  This keeps the emotions of the playoffs out of the survey.  Since all sports do not end on the same day, schools often schedule to have athletes from each sport complete at different times, making the task more manageable.  For online surveys, it's still recommended to administer in a controlled setting.  Most have team meetings in a computer lab so entire teams can complete as a group.  This gives AD's an opportunity to explain the reasons for the survey to athletes, let them you you want their honest feedback, and how valuable their feedback will be as you strive to improve the athletic experience.  Once all teams have completed the survey, return your paper surveys to LifeTrack.  For online surveys, notify LifeTrack to close the survey and begin processing your report. 

Data is compiled and reported at the end of each sport's season. (Fall, Winter, & Spring)   LifeTrack provides you with a personalized, user-friendly compilation report as an electronic document (pdf) or as a printed and bound report.  The first section of your report shows overall response from all athletes for the season (all sports, all team levels).  Individual sport reports are also provided showing overall response for the sport as well as how each team level responded.  You can easily identify any disconnects between team levels.  Share sport reports with coaches, share overall reports with your administration and/or school board, or publish your report to your school or athletic website.  Use this data to document the many good aspects of your programs, justify existing programs, review with coaches, set improvement goals, and recognize areas that are excelling.  The opportunities are endless!