The LifeTrack athletic survey 4 step process

​​With LifeTrack Athletic Surveys, you can choose to have your surveys completed online or via paper surveys.  Whether you choose to have your students take your surveys online or via paper, we tabulate and return your compilation reports promptly. 

  • Athletic Surveys help your coaches be the best that they can be. 
  • Gain insight into programs that need improvement. 
  • Recognize staff achievement.
  • Assist your efforts to renovate facilities, purchase new uniforms and equipment.
  • Identify both the strengths and weakness in your Athletic Programs.  
  • ​​Demonstrate the importance of Athletics to your administration and to your community.

 Why Survey your athletes?

Why Choose LifeTrack? 

The heart of the survey contains 20 customized questions which you select to address your needs or concerns. We provide a bank of questions for you to choose from as a guide. Reword them to better address your needs, or create your own athletic survey questions.  We then build a survey proof for your review and offer suggestions to enhance your survey or create a test link for you to use to test your survey.  Once the survey is approved, the surveys are printed and shipped or loaded to an online survey site specific to your school and chosen demographics.  

Select Your Survey Questions

Administer Your Survey

Save your valuable time and do more of what you do best by choosing LifeTrack Athletic Surveys.  Formulating questions, creating surveys and tabulating results take away from your valuable time.  Let LifeTrack do the work for you, so you can spend your time analyzing results and using your surveys to benefit your programs.   Choose from our bank of already formulated questions, review and analyze your easy-to-read results, and be ready with data to use when you need it!

Receive Your Professional, User-Friendly and Quick Results

Student Athletic Surveys

If you have chosen to administer your survey manually using a paper survey, you, or typically your athletic director, administers the survey.  Schools choose to administer their surveys in different ways.  Since all sports do not end on the same day, many schools administer their surveys to one sport each day, preventing the task from being overwhelming.  For online surveys, many schools have success by gathering students together in a computer lab with either their own laptops or school computers and initiating the survey as a group.  That way they can explain the reasons for the survey to students and how valuable their feedback will be in assisting their efforts.  Other schools choose to administer surveys during the last two weeks or the end of the sport season.  Once completed, return your paper surveys in the envelope provided or, for online surveys, notify LifeTrack Services that your surveys are completed. 

We help you get the best results possible!

Results are compiled and produced for you at the end of each season. LifeTrack provides you with a personalized, user-friendly compilation report as a printed and bound document or as an electronic document (pdf).  An overall report showing all responses for the season is provided, as well as individual sport reports showing how each team level responded.   Publish your report to a school website, justify existing programs, provide your reports to School Boards, PTA members and review with coaches to reward them for their efforts and set goals for the future.  The opportunities to use your data are endless! 

Your Athletic Survey Process

Select Your Survey

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